Sunday, April 29, 2012

University - Institute - Research Support Administration - Models


Engineering Research Administration (ERA) at the School of Engineering (SoE) at Stanford University supports the pre-and post-research administrative activities of SoE Principal Investigators. From the initial proposal submission to the award's final close out, ERA supports excellence and growth in research by delivering quality service, promoting compliance, and harnessing efficiencies. ERA services include the following:

Pre-Award Services (Summary):

    * Review sponsor solicitation guidelines
    * Initiate Proposal Development & Routing Form (PDRF)
    * Develop and revise proposed budget and ensure budget accuracy
    * Coordinate preparation of collaborative proposals (e.g. sub awards)
    * Assemble and upload all components of the proposal
    * Review the final proposal for compliance
    * Obtain all necessary approvals and signatures
    * Work with OSR to ensure final review, approval, and submission to sponsor
          o Detailed Pre-Award Roles & Responsibilities

Post-Award Services (Summary):

    * Approve transactions charged to sponsored account; verify expenses adhere to applicable policies
    * Keep PIs apprised of account balances and spending practices through routine and custom reports
    * Review and reconcile expenditure statements
    * Facilitate rebudgeting requests and obtain both internal and sponsored approvals
    * Process cost transfers
    * Facilitate and process no-cost extensions, supplements, and other similar requests
    * Close-out accounts and confirm final expenditure accessed on 26.6.2011


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