Friday, April 6, 2012

Knol Books - The Concept

Knol Books are books developed out of knols written by various knol authors on various topics related to a subject. It is a way collarborating on Knol platform to provide good value to knol readers.

Knol is the platform focusing on knowledge especially academic knowledge. Hence, it is an ideal platform to publish books. A beginning was made by medical specialists who came up with the idea of collaborative medical books. Knol platform supported the initiative by coming out with a feature termed knol collection.
Narayana Rao came out with the idea that knol books can have a two level format. The first one which is the full text is a collection of chapters or chapter knols. The second is a chapter which in turn is a collection of topics of the chapters or sections of the chapter. Thus a book is made up of around 300 articles or knols. These topics need not be written by a single author. They can be written by different authors.
Knol book is specially used by Narayana Rao to indicate that the book is a collection of knols already existing on the Knol. Also, in the knol more than one article is indicated for a topic. So a reader has choice to read mutliple articles on the same topic. Number of knol books are now developed and there are available in knol books catalogues.
Knol authors can develop many more knol books. They can also see the gaps in knol books and write knols to fill the books so that knol readers get full knowedge in a subject through a knol book. It is a way collarborating on Knol platform to provide good value to knol readers.

Knol Book Catalogues


Knol Books by Narayana Rao


Success of Knol Books

Knol Books concept is succeeding.
Knol Books - Catalogue 34,000 page views.
Encourage all authors to develop knol books. Request all others to suggest knols for inclusion in the books. Wherever there are no knols on topics, it will be good to create knols on those topics.

A Facebook page on Knol books was started.!/pages/Knol-Books/192909234081573?sk=wall

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