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Information and Communication Technology for Faculty Members (Teachers) - Different Products and Their Use

Governments and School Administrations are investing in information technology and communication technology products to make learning more effective from understanding and knowledge and skills absorption perspective and simultaneously there are products that are reducing costs also.


Microsoft is offering many resources and highlighting them through a web page.

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Articles on ICT Use in Education and Research

Bridging the digital divide through open access, January 2010

E-Journal of Education

E School News - Technology News for Today's K-20 Educator

Wikis in Education

21st Century learning
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Kenya's Emergence as Africa's ICT Hub
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ICT change is modern day equivalent of industrial revolution - Steljes
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A Lot More of IBM Watson in Our Lives
We will see "A Lot More of IBM Watson in Our Lives". This natural language artificial software system will take the role of clarifying a lesson to students on a one to one basis.

Finnish school system is number one in the world now. But it is un-american in many ways. There are no private schools. There are no rankings. There are no standard tests. There is more emphasis on equity. Effort is to provide same facilities in all schools rather than creating schools with different facilities and ranking them.

Higher Education Forum (HEF) India felicitated Dr. K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao for his Digital Knowledge Sharing Effort through Knol.

Some thoughts expressed by speakers at the convention of HEF

Knol Month of Education - September 2011


Knol VideoPedia   to support online learning

B-School Rankings of US News for 2012

Engineering School Rankings

Various Subjects

MIT School of Engineering's graduate program is the No. 1 in the according to to-be published rankings of the annual US News and World Report Rankings.

MIT Sloan School MBA program was ranked third after Stanford and Harvard.
the number of studented enrolled in higher education is 152.5 million students in 2007. The number of male students is 75 million and female students is 77.4 million.
The percentage of the relevant age group now enrolling is 26%. These facts are from a recently released Unesco report titled Global Education Digest 2009.
In China, the enrolment of higher education students has grown at an average of 19% each year since 2000.
Study in Foreign Countries
Unesco statistics show that more than 2.8 million student around the world are studying outside their country.
Author of higher education: Crossing the borders Jane Knight says this number is likely to balloon to about 8 million by 2025.
Recently there was a World Conference on Higher Education in Paris.
In its proceedings it was revealed that China is number one in sending students to foreign countries. India comes second with more than 500,000 students spread across 55 countries. In USA, there are more than 100,000 Indian students.
I opened a knol to identify the topics that would help undergraduate program in Computer Science and Engineering.
Knol authors can indicate knols that are relevant for various topics in the syllabus. I shall link them to those topics. We can create similar linked syllabuses for various other universities.
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