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Business and Management - Online Books

Business Communication for Success by By Scott McLean - Online Book

Financial Accounting by Joe Ben Hoyle and C. J. Skender - Online Free Access Book

Human Resource Management by Laura Portolese Dias - Online Book Contents

Introduction to Economic Analysis  - Ralph Preston McAfee, Tracy R. Lewis

Marketing Management - Online Book - Compilation by Narayana Rao

Marketing Management Online Text Book by Tanner and Raymond - Principles of Marketing

Mastering Strategic Management by Dave Ketchen and Jeremy Short

Operations Management - Nigel Slack 4th Edition - Student Resources

Organizational Behavior by Talya Bauer and Berrin Erdogan - FWK Online Book

Principles of Accounting - Larry Walther

Principles of Management - Open Access Book - Mason Carpenter et al.

Psychology: An Introduction by Russell A. Dewey - Free Access Online Book

Selling Skills: Strategies and Methods: Online Book - Compilation by Narayana Rao

Supply Chain Management - Free Online Book Chapters  - Collection

The Business Ethics Workshop by By James Brusseau - Online Book

The Power of Selling by by Kimberly Richmond - Free Online Book

Value Engineering - Online Book - Compilation by Narayana Rao

Books on

Financial Management

Strategic Financial Management - Alan Hill

Marketing Management

A Philosophy of Marketing for Management,
Four lectures, `1959

Marketing Management,  1963
John A. Howard

International Journal of Marketing and Technology, Issue February 2013

Principles of Management

Management and Administration in Manufacturing Industries

Vol. 6 July 1923

Vol. 7 Jan 1924

Vol. 8 - July - Dec 1924

Vol. 11 - January 1926

Management Engineering - A Discussion Paper - 1953 - George Washington University

Scientific Managment

Principles of Scientific Management - Original Paper by F.W. Taylor

Scieintific Management in Practice - 1 February 1915 - Article - QJE

Systematized and Scientific Management - Kendall - JPE - 1 July 1913

Scientific Management Simplified - 1 December 1918, Keir Malcolm

Project Management

Project Management Primer

Learn Marketing Management from Philip Kotler - Free - New Internet Global Education Model

Learn Marketing Management from Philip Kotler - Free - New Internet Global Education Model

Learn Marketing Management from Philip Kotler - Free - New Internet Global Education Model


Everybody in the world with an internet connection can listen to lectures of Philip Kotler, ask questions and get answers from him for any length of time and if he wants to can give an examination and  can get certification. Kotler, the marketing professor excellence can educate everybody in the world in the subject of Marketing Management. That is the new education model of internet age. The ancient Plato's academy concept will be back with the difference that every person in this globe can learn through the Plato's academy.

We have video streaming technology now with which lectures can be viewed by anybody in the world.
We have artificial intelligence capability to understand and answer oral questions. Any body in the world can stop the lecture at any point of time and ask a question. He will get the reply from Kotler in the sense, in the voice of Kotler and the lecture will restart and continue. IBM Watson, the listening and talking computer will do this listening and answering by Kotler possible. ( IBM Watson - The IBM Super Computer  )

Whenever a person is ready, he can pay examination fee, the paper will be set by Kotler and will be evaluated and certificate will be given.

The model is free. World body of Global Education Excellence will employ all Professors of Excellence in various subjects and will provide the opportunity of free education to all in the world.

We have await the model to become reality. It will be a reality shortly. Already distance education programs made interaction with professor reality.  In the proposed model, we are talking of a virtual model, wherein Kotler can communicate to millions of people in one-to-one mode at the convenience of the learner.

In the mean time we have Kotler's print publications, online articles and  videos to learn directly from Kotler free.


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