Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Business and Management - Online Books

Business Communication for Success by By Scott McLean - Online Book

Financial Accounting by Joe Ben Hoyle and C. J. Skender - Online Free Access Book

Human Resource Management by Laura Portolese Dias - Online Book Contents

Introduction to Economic Analysis  - Ralph Preston McAfee, Tracy R. Lewis

Marketing Management - Online Book - Compilation by Narayana Rao

Marketing Management Online Text Book by Tanner and Raymond - Principles of Marketing

Mastering Strategic Management by Dave Ketchen and Jeremy Short

Operations Management - Nigel Slack 4th Edition - Student Resources

Organizational Behavior by Talya Bauer and Berrin Erdogan - FWK Online Book

Principles of Accounting - Larry Walther

Principles of Management - Open Access Book - Mason Carpenter et al.

Psychology: An Introduction by Russell A. Dewey - Free Access Online Book

Selling Skills: Strategies and Methods: Online Book - Compilation by Narayana Rao

Supply Chain Management - Free Online Book Chapters  - Collection

The Business Ethics Workshop by By James Brusseau - Online Book

The Power of Selling by by Kimberly Richmond - Free Online Book

Value Engineering - Online Book - Compilation by Narayana Rao

Books on

Financial Management

Strategic Financial Management - Alan Hill

Marketing Management

A Philosophy of Marketing for Management,
Four lectures, `1959

Marketing Management,  1963
John A. Howard

International Journal of Marketing and Technology, Issue February 2013

Principles of Management

Management and Administration in Manufacturing Industries

Vol. 6 July 1923

Vol. 7 Jan 1924

Vol. 8 - July - Dec 1924

Vol. 11 - January 1926

Management Engineering - A Discussion Paper - 1953 - George Washington University

Scientific Managment

Principles of Scientific Management - Original Paper by F.W. Taylor

Scieintific Management in Practice - 1 February 1915 - Article - QJE

Systematized and Scientific Management - Kendall - JPE - 1 July 1913

Scientific Management Simplified - 1 December 1918, Keir Malcolm

Project Management

Project Management Primer


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